We sponsor a product called “Just Toss-It” because we know “encapsulation” and “solidification” are the only forms of “containment” that will truly “contain” and eliminate the damaging hazards of oil disposal. We also know it is the only way to successfully prevent damage to sewers and septic systems. Adopting this method of Hazardous Household Wastes and Fats, Oils and Grease disposal protects our water resources and preserves the Environment. “Just Toss-It” is considered non-hazardous and non-toxic to all living habitats under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29CFR 1910.1200). It is easy to use and offers quick results. Enter and Explore this Site to find out more.

 Clean Up Tips For Changing Your Own Motor Oil And Oil Filter

Use “Just Toss-It” when you change the motor oil in your car and you won’t need to take it to a recycling center because the product will render the motor oil non-toxic and turn it into rubber within a day or so (depending upon the treatment temperature) and then just toss it in the trash. It will not leak or leach into the ground at all.

Get an open deep oil drain pan or tray. Enclosed Recycling Drain Pans will not allow you to dump the encapsulated and dry oil. So, before you drain the oil, pour in an even layer of “Just Toss-It” half way up the pan or tray. NOTE: You don’t want to drop the drain plug in the powder because it will be hard and messy to find.
Drain the motor oil into the tray with the product already in place. Once the oil is drained, replace the oil pan drain plug and slide the tray out of the way.
Take the old oil filter, hold it over the drain tray and puncture the top of it. This will allow the oil trapped inside the filter to run out into the drain tray. Let it drain off resting the filter on the screen mesh over the drain tray. If the screen is not touching the oil with the filter sitting on the screen, then move the tray with both the oil and the filter to a safe place where it can’t be stepped in, spilled or tipped over.
Allow all of it to sit for a day or so. When it becomes solid and relatively dry to the touch, it is now safe to just toss it into the trash. Clean drip pan, for reuse.
NOTE: If there is an oily residue on the surface or it still looks wet, just sprinkle more on the top surface and let it set.

Oil Pan Side Tip

Cover the drain tray with a scrap piece of aluminum screen mesh, pull it over the edge of the pan or tray and bend the screen around the edges. You can then place the oil filter on it and allow it to completely drain. When the filter is finished draining, just toss filter and remove screen. When the drained oil is solid and dry to the touch, just pick it up, scoop it out and toss it.

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