Maintaining clean Septic Tanks, Fat Traps and Leach Field Pipes are achieved by not dumping untreated (FOG) fats, oils or greases down the sink drains in the first place because oil and fats congeal and accumulate with cool temperatures, clog your pipes, plus fills, blocks and renders the fat trap inoperative which then allows fats and oils into the tank cutting of the oxygen the tank needs to do itfs job. To maintain your system, simply use gJust Toss-Ith to encapsulate the waste oils before dumping it anywhere. Use the product right in the pan following the directions. When the fat cools and solidifies or gels, then and only then toss it in the trash. Itfs that easy! The logic is simple. You keep your system clean by keeping raw FOG out! Solids or gels can't go down sink drainpipes and get into the fat traps or into your tank and cause backups. The solids or gel will go straight from the pan to the landfill, which is where solid waste is supposed to go. And the money you save on septic repairs is money in your pocket.
Therefore just by using the product, YOU are accepting the responsibility for protecting your groundwater, water tributaries, eco-systems and your environment. gJust Toss-Ith is the only product available for individual usage and the only one that can guarantee total protection of the environment.